The Major Hormonal Changes That Occur During Adolescence

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1. Describe the major hormonal changes that occur during adolescence. Describe girls’ reactions to menarche and boys’ reactions to spermarche during puberty. What factors influence the way adolescents respond? Describe the impact of puberty on parent–c hild interaction and the adaptive value of this change in adolescents’ relationships with their parents.
During Adolescence children are transitioning into adulthood. At this time, both boys and girls are experiencing hormonal changes. Both sexes react differently to these changes. Girls begin menarche typically between the ages of twelve and thirteen years of age. At this time girls are mostly informed, however girls still feel that they are not prepared and find themselves in a state of surprise when menarche starts (Berk, 2014, p. 365). It has been found that African American girls may be better prepared for their change and transition much easier than their Caucasian classmates. Girls tend to tell their friends that they are menstruating; therefore they are more apt to get the support of others through this change (Berk, 2014, p. 368). Boys become sexually mature between the ages of eleven and fourteen. Around the age of thirteen, a boy my experience his first spermarche, or first ejaculation. While mostly all males are aware that there is going to be a change and that spermarche is going to happen, they had no to to tell them about these physical changes or what to expect. It has been found that most boys find their…
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