The Major League Baseball ( Mlb )

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New York, New York, New York, The sport of baseball has been through many things, wars, depression, even strikes and moving form one side of our great nation of the United States to the other. The Major League Baseball (MLB) even has teams in Canada. New York is the city we are talking about, though, some might not know it the home of MLB, and some even call it “the Capital of Baseball.” (Burns, 1994) I can believe it, the city was where most of the history started for the sport of baseball. I wont even mention all of the other major league sports that currently reside there. I have to give you some facts about the city of New York. Currently there are two teams there, the Yankees and the Mets, which I think is funny because they started with three, lost two and now there are two. Overall, there have been thirty-five MLB World Series and seventy-three pennants won by New York Teams. There has even a “Sub-way Series,” which means that the two New York teams played each other. Taking a sub-way to each of their respected fields to play the game. To be exact there has been fourteen, overall, World Series in which two New York City teams played each other. This occurrence has never happened more than once in any other city or metropolitan area. The latest was in 1989 when Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants played each other. There are four other cities that have two baseball teams, Baltimore-Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco. We can also
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