The Major Movements Of Healthcare

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The major movements in healthcare have created a change in the clinical experiences. Because of these changes, the Instituted of Medicine’s report stated that the educational process of nursing has created medical personnel with deficiencies in their critical thinking skills. The report also states that because of this lack of critical thinking, new graduate nurses fail to recognize the deterioration of a patient, which results in poor patient outcomes (Robert, Tilley, & Peterson, 2014).
Nursing is simply not something that is done by the book. Therefore, teaching nursing students by power points fosters regurgitation of an overload of information. Whereas, nursing is a skill set with complex knowledge that allows nurses to respond rapidly with ease in crisis situations. According to Benner, educators are producing students that are unprepared to meet the demands of practice. The educational methods leave students feeling that practice in the healthcare system is far from the learned classroom educational. To bridge this gap, educators must develop a consistent and evidence-based practice to instill fluid use of skill now how, medical knowledge, and judgement as well as be able to perform an ethical action to promote patient outcomes (Handwerker, 2012, & Bevan, Joy, Keely & Brown, 2015).
For the last decade, simulation labs and debriefing have become the norm in the teaching-learning continuum. The phase of debriefing is a critical component of the process. The
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