The Major Positive Impacts Of Social Media And Its Effects On Education

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Charess S. Daba
English 27
Social Media: Effects on the Education
The Major positive effects of social media on education are enhancing learning and connection with people whereas the Major negative effects are reducing academic performance and rely on accessibility of information.
Social media is a useful tool to students, but too much use of social media has changed the daily routine in education, instead of reading books and studying. Students waste too much time in using social media and prefer holding gadgets and as pastime hobby. Many students are using social media thus students still have a different perspective in using it. Thus, social media gives positive review on how it can help students in studies.
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Social Media can help students increase wisdom in education thus it can also become destruction.
In today’s generation the world is changing because of the use of technologies, even the way of delivering instruction is changing (Bruce Hopkins, 2016). ). While students go with the flow of using social media is one of the trend nowadays, it spreads easily like a virus that no one can stop. Social media has created many challenges' not only in student’s education but also in the community. Social media is created for everyone, its features are easy to use that’s why most of the people can easily connect. Students are more greatly affected by this change because of various reasons that only a student knows.
According to Bruce Hopkins (2016) the adoption of social media is one of the impulses of changing presumptions and guidance in education. Using social media is already part of students’ life, for the reason that student can sacrifice the time to study just to update its social media accounts. And because of this, it gives students a strong impact on education. The impact might be positive which can help student in studies or negative impact which can pull students’ academic records down to the
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