The Major Sectors Of The Chinese Culture

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In this paper, I will analyze the major sectors of the Chinese culture that influence the use of acupuncture. These sectors include: Social, Cultural, Religious, Economic, Political, and Technological. I will also examine the factors of the global context that influence the use of acupuncture in the United States. Lastly, I will discuss the influence of acupuncture in my own life, specifically relating to my own health care. Global Perspectives of Acupuncture 1. The primary features of the Chinese culture have a major influence on the use of acupuncture. Acupuncture is a holistic system of medicine that involves the insertion of very thin needles into specific points in the body to influence the flow of chi. Acupuncture helps…show more content…
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the flow of chi within the body is necessary for a healthy person. Acupuncture proved efficient, because it helped restore that chi and promote comfort and health for patients. Based on cultural beliefs, traditional medicine proved superior to allopathic medicine in China. Religious Religion plays a vital role in China’s use of acupuncture. Acupuncture originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and TCM emerged from religions philosophies such as Confucianism and Buddhism (Lewith, 2015). Confucianism is based on the idea that the whole body is sacred and should be treated as a complete system, therefore acupuncture evolved as a treatment. Buddhism helped kick-start the development of Taoism. Tao, the “way,” is a social philosophy that includes the concepts of Yin and Yang (Lewith, 2015). Yin and Yang helps maintain harmony between man and the world, therefore acupuncture is also used to restore the equilibrium in the body. Economic All over the world, traditional medicine is popular in many developing and poor countries. Although having the second largest economy in the world, China is still recognized as a developing country. According to Huang, “There are more Chinese people in poverty than the entire populations of Thailand or England” (Huang, 2015). With a poor economic status for most people in
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