The Major Stakeholders Of San Diego Healthcare Market

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Sharp, Scripps and Kaiser are the major stakeholders in San Diego Healthcare market. The main competitor for Scripps is the Sharp Healthcare, with both hospitals having around 25% of Inpatient discharge, Sharp has the slight edge over Scripps. Kaiser Permanent, UCSD and other hospitals have approximately 10% of market share. (Tu et al., 2013). In terms of facilities, all these hospitals provide Emergency care and Acute care facilities. Both UCSD and Sharp match with Scripps in providing all facilities. So, UCSD and Sharp are the major competitors in this segment. Kaiser Permanent poses a moderate risk to Scripps as it outsources significant services to another hospital. Kaiser permanent is planning to grow in this segment as it has plans…show more content…
Table-1 captures all these data. The ever-changing environment in healthcare requires strategic planning teams to address a handful of specific critical issues that will lead to success in the long term. In an industry as diverse and large as health care, Scripps Mercy will face many challenges but will need to avoid the temptation during the environmental assessment phase of its strategic plan. Zuckerman (2012) states, "Failure to produce a limited number of issues to address in subsequent planning activities almost always dooms the strategic planning process" (p. 43), too often healthcare is riddled with issues; an effective environmental assessment will condense these concerns in a solid and clear way. All the new upcoming changes in healthcare reform and technology will have Scripps Mercy face many challenges in information management, their demographic served, and staff recruitment and development. 2015 marked the first year in which reimbursements decreased for hospitals. The number one expense for the nation is healthcare (, 215); with Medicaid and Medicare paying the largest amount. Scripps Mercy provides the majority of its services to Medicaid and Medicare patients; the ACA mandates an Electronic Health Record system to receive reimbursement (, 2015). Ensuring a strong IT department is critical to Scripps success, particularly in regards to finances. As
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