The Major Styles of Barbeque in the USA

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Outline There are five major styles of barbecue in the U.S.A. which are defined by method of cooking, seasonings, and types of meat used in the cooking process. These styles are North Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, and St. Louis. North Carolina Style Whole hog (pork) Cooked over open fire Sauce has vinegar, red pepper, black pepper, sugar, and hot pepper sauce. Kansas City Style All meats including fish and turkey Sauce is tomato and molasses Smoked slowly over hickory Memphis style Any meat No sauce (dry rub) Slow smoked Texas Style Many meats but mainly beef brisket Dry rub (no sauce) Very slow smoked over pecan or mesquite St. Louis Style Mainly pork Cooked directly over open flame Tangy and sweet sauce Seasonings, method of cooking and choice of meat are the distinguishing factors for the five major styles of barbecue in the USA. These factors give them their distinctive flavors. Classification and Analysis Introduction: In America, there are five major styles of barbecue. These styles are associated with specific regions of the country. They are commonly referred to as North Carolina style, Kansas City style, Memphis style, Texas style, and St. Louis style. They have distinct flavors that are determined by the method of cooking, type of meat, as well as the seasonings applied to the meats. Category 1 Objective: North Carolina style barbecue is known for its distinctive flavor. It is usually cooked over an open fire of hardwood, usually

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