The Major Tenets Of CumminsModel Of Second Language Acquisition

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In the book Why Tesol?, it states that the major tenets of Cummins’ model of second language acquisition is the framework that focuses on the “distinction between social language and academic language.”Cummins suggests that academic language takes longer to acquire and social language is easier because it is in the “here and now”. Cummins’ Quadrant Model consists of 4 quadrants: Quadrant 1 - Social language; Quadrant 2 - Target language; Quadrant 3 - Target language; Quadrant 4 - Academic language. (p. 152). Although, there are many models of second language acquisition, I felt that Cummin’s model was a great representative of where Carlos’ second language acquisition has fallen behind. When beginning remediation with Carlos’ my first priority is to provide him with a solid foundation of academic vocabulary that will assist him throughout his learning experience. This process is beneficial when teaching content area. In order for Carlos to succeed in the classroom he will need to become familiar and be able to comprehend the content area. Before beginning each lesson I would have Carlos share his knowledge of the vocabulary words and academic language that is beneficial to the lesson. This will provide insight to see which areas I need to review and which areas he has a strong foundation in. Next, I would provide Carlos with various opportunities to obtain the vocabulary needed in each content area. To develop his vocabulary I would provide him with a guide prior to

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