The Major That Our Group Chose To Represent Is Finance.Finance

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The major that our group chose to represent is finance. Finance is the study of the management and investment of funds. According to West Chester University’s Department of Finance, it “focuses on investment, international finance, and financial markets.” As a finance major, students take their abilities further than just creating a budget, but they learn how to analyze different budgets to determine what the best investment option is for a company. Therefore, it is important for a finance major to have a particular set of skills to achieve goals in this field. Communication, problem solving, technological skills, and understanding the concepts in finance are important qualities that a finance major must attain to analyze problems.…show more content…
It is important to take these skills that students learn while studying finance, and carry them to the workplace. Therefore, some experiences that were mentioned had to deal with being able to budget dealing with the best investment option for a business. Over the summer, the retail store that one of our members, Megan, worked at renovated the store. Considering that this process took a lot of time, there was a lot of budgeting money that went on and the managers had to chose the best possible investments for the store in order to bring in better revenue. By modernizing the store, it was important to analyze different issues that needed to be addressed and dealt with first. Throughout the process, she helped the business and her managers by using mathematical, technological, and organizational skills developed from her finance courses to create spreadsheets to present the budgets and renovations needed to be made to the store. Another member of our group, Evan, also has had experience relating to project and financial management. Evan controlled a scraping operation on behalf of his previous employer for environmental and financial purposes. By being the manager of this project, he was in charge of researching current commodity prices (copper, aluminum, etc.), locating the highest bidder, and hiring part-time
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