The Majority Of Scheduling Is Done By Bob

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The majority of scheduling is done by Bob, and is recorded on a handwritten, monthly calendar. Then, depending on how slow or busy the store is he may allow people to go home early or he may call in staff for overtime. During the holidays or special events, he may schedule full staff to work based on how well the date or event was according to the previous year’s sales. Inventory Counts Stock is counted twice during the year before each sale. Everything in the store is counted using pencil and a clipboard filled with paper. The items are separated by item type, and a tally is done to record the brand and price of all items. All previously unsold sale items are recorded on a separate sheet recording only the item type and the sale price. Once the inventory is complete, all sheets are given to the Bob to be reviewed/calculated to determine when to start clearance sales, what to put on sale first, whether sales items need to marked down lower and what to keep out of the sale to put out during the next season. Clearance Sales Each year, the store holds two clearance sales that last one month each. Typically they are done in March and September, before the new seasons stock arrives. Initially, sales start at 30 percent off everything for the in-season stock, and 50 percent off for the previous year’s stock. Once the month is half way through, the sale prices will increase to 50 percent and up for all remaining inventory. Logistics Inbound and outbound logistic operations are

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