The Make A Wishes Foundation Helps Young Kids With Life Threatening Diseases

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David, a twelve year old little boy who is diagnosed with liver cancer has wished to meet a navy bomb squad. His bright blue eyes and his sparkling smile tug on the viewer 's heart strings. In bold, white letters reads “Giving back to Make-A-Wish meant a lot to me” and above, a big blue box which says “DONATE.” The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps young kids with life threatening diseases to make a wish and be granted said wish, which will, hopefully, make a difference in children 's lives. The main claim that the website seems to bring out is that “any kid with life threatening diseases can make a wish and we will do everything in their power to make that wish come true. With the help of your donations and fundraising, we can make these children cheerful once again.” However, one may wonder how does Make-A-Wish establish credibility in the audience to receive these donations? Is it the way that the sickly children smile, almost begging “please give us money”? Or is it because Make-A-Wish already has such an honest reputation? To know for sure, one must take a deeper look into the appeal of The Make-A-Wish website. The Make-A-Wish logo is centralized on the top of the page with links left and right of it that say “REFER A CHILD,” “WAYS TO HELP,” and, the most prominent, “DONATE.” Further down the page, there is a Youtube video that in more detail, describes what Make-A-Wish is doing and how one can help. Yet, back onto the top main page, David’s bright blue eyes are the exact

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