The Makeup Mistakes That You Must Stop Right Away !

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10 Makeup Mistakes That You Must Stop Right Away! Beauty is the power and makeup is something that enhances the beauty; this is a secret of beautiful women. But sometimes unknowingly every woman happen to make blunders with her makeup. So, to avoid a bad mascara, or uneven face complexion, and many more uncertain mistakes, we tried our bit, to help you all to avoid this top 10 makeup mistakes. Avoid these mistakes and make yourself look gorgeous, the next time you try your hand in makeup. Mistake 1 Wearing wrong shade of foundation: It is important to wear foundation that gels with your face skin, but most of us do the mistake of buying foundation shade that we tried on back of our hand. According to the famous makeup artist Ellis Faas, she suggests to choose two shades that come closest to your skin tone, then apply each of them to your jawline, and then go outside to natural light and look in a mirror. Find which would look flawless on your skin and then you are good to go. Mistake 2 Applying makeup on dry skin: Never ever apply makeup over your dry skin, it might turn horrific. When you apply on dry skin, you might not let the foundation to blend in your skin. So, it is advised, to exfoliate your skin once a week and get rid of the flakes and dryness, after this it is must to moisturise your skin. Mistake 3 Ignoring your eyebrows: Eyebrows make your face look beautiful, so it is essential you go to the saloon and get experts advice on which eyebrow shape will look
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