The Making Of A Leader Essay

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Arion & Hendron 8 The Making of a Leader? Listen-Guide-Engage By Anthony Arion and Tyler Hendron Professor Donald S. Miller Leadership in Communications 4 November 2016 Direction and Involvement Produces Leaders Today, more than ever before, there does not seem to be enough hours in a day for managers to accomplish what is necessary to protect and insulate their companies from the undesirable consequences of the inability to respond quickly to the ever-changing, confusing environment. Organizations can no longer rely on a few dynamic individuals that have perfected the ability to lead and guide the company through difficult times to brighter horizons. Creativity can no longer be assigned to design, research, and marketing departments with a few talented individuals. If an organization is going to compete in a world of instant gratification, watching history unfold, innovation and creativity must become part of each department and recognized in each individual working within the confines of the establishment. To survive in today?s environment, a company must understand why change is necessary as well as being ready to direct their own change. Per Harvard researchers, ?there are three basic reasons why an organization must be able to effectively respond to change which include the escalating pace and volume of change, dealing with greater complexity and more intense competition.? (Isaksen & Tidd) It is important to consider
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