The Making Of Tesla Motor Inc. Essay

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It is evident that the practices of modeling, simulation and prototyping produce optimal results and saves a lot of resources and time however, these practices should not be overused to produce results. They can sometimes produce results related to incorrectly defined problem and overconfidence on these results can be catastrophic. It is necessary to properly understand the boundaries of a defined system and or a problem statement that will permit the use of the techniques, as well as limitation of the accuracy that such techniques provide. While practicing this technique in systems architecting, it should be realized that an assumption that “original statement of the problem is the best”[6] might prove wrong. “It might not necessary be the best or even the right one”[6]. Also overuse of these techniques might prove costly and a time-consuming investment to extent that it is not present in the systems architecting process. It is important that all the necessary factors are appropriately accounted for and avoid the pitfalls in the system. 2.1 Application in the making of Tesla Motor Inc. Tesla Motors development program was initiated with a prototype development of an electric car by Martin Eberhart in 2002 known as the T-Zero. While making a prototype of this model, the objective was to beat the traditional internal combustion engines car by acceleration, torque, energy consumed and less number of moving parts. The modeling of the Roadster took into consideration these

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