The Making of a Legend

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What does it take to be a legend? How far would one go to be a legend in something one enjoys? Jordan Burroughs will go the the ends of the earth to considered a legend in the sport of freestyle wrestling. He went from underdog to top dog with years of hard work, unrelentless training, and never giving up on his dream to be a legend in mans oldest sport...wrestling.
In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus wrestled Cronos in a battle over the universe in which of course Zeus won. The great event was celebrated by making wrestling the last event in the Pentathlon. Back in Ancient times greek men wrestled covered in olive oil and naked. To win one had to throw his opponent or knock him down, but ancient greece was not the only ones who wrestled. In Mesopotamia Sumerian caves had drawings in them of wrestling that dated back at least 7,000 years. Over in the village of Beni Hasan, Egypt historians found wrestling how-to drawings in tombs.
In present day wrestling a new up and coming star named Jordan Burroughs is taking the International Freestyle Circuit by storm. Burroughs is 25 years old and became the seventh U.S. wrestler to win three Olympic or world titles. Burroughs joined Bruce Baumgartner, Kevin Jackson, Leroy Kemp, Mark Schultz and John Smith. Burroughs and Smith are the only two wrestlers in U.S. history to win back-to-back world or Olympic titles. Jordan is also hoping to join John as the only as the only wrestlers to win all six Olympic and world titles in a 6 year
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