The Making of an Advertisement: A Reflection

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The first step in the development of the ad involved the agreement on what the ad would involve, mode of presentation and current marketing options that are trending. The basic step required the constitution of our team so that each could get roles to play in the ad development. We organized a conference call on November 20th, 2012. The people present on the call included Carrie Briscoe, Melisa Clark, Marcus Long and I. Allison and Stephen submitted ideas by email as they were not able to be on call. The first topic of discussion was to determine whether or not we wanted to advertise a product or service. As only Marcus had served in a service capacity, specifically engineering, we chose to advertise a product. Several products got proposed, but we chose to engage speech recognition software. We had a short brainstorming session to determine what to call it and ended up with the name Paper Talk. Our company's name is C+3 MAS, "Experts in VR", VR meaning voice-recognition. Our other topic of discussion was how to present our product to the public. As the past four youngest generations got saturated with communicating through social media, we chose social media such as sidebars in Facebook, CSU Global, and Google to present our product. The huge following accorded to social media, and the rising level of computer use even in the third world, offers a ready market for the product. The success of our team depended on our handling of the different aspects of the job

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