Essay about The Making of the Golden Age of Children's Literature

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For children’s literature the Golden Age was a time of reform and new beginnings. The Golden Age opened the doors for an interesting read where adults are not present. The literature that was intended for children during this period introduced a world of literature in which children were the protagonist. These stories not only take children on remarkable journeys though time but they also address many issues of social class in regards to children. The Golden Age reflects greatly the Victorian era where children were left to become orphans because their parents could not support them financially or because their parents just did not want them. The Golden age welcomed children into a society that they were once neglected by. It was not …show more content…
These stories often times take children out of the real world and take them to a world that is full of magic and freedom. These stories were meant to help put a stop to excessive child labor. The Golden age wanted to give children freedom to explore what was once forbidden. These books make the impossible now possible for its child reader. These books bring to life all the words and pictures and allow children to expand their minds.
The Golden Age was a period where the middle class was on the rise. Before this period the middle class was not able to buy any literature because they were made to be very expensive so that only the upper class could afford the literature Until the Golden Age children of the middle and lower class were not seen as worth of getting any form of education even if they tried to educate themselves by reading a book. However, once the introduction of the Golden Age the upper class was no longer the only people who had access to children literature. The advancement of technology and different media forms helped allow for the development of cheaper books to be produced so that everyone could possibly afford them and all children would have the opportunity to read literature that was uplifting.
One of the most common structures of children literature is when a child is displayed to go through several different life stages. After the child becomes and orphan and is exposed to different elements such as

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