The Male Minority Of Nursing Essay

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The Male Minority in Nursing
Jenny Nye
Professor Hylton
Introduction to Professional Nursing

Nursing is a predominantly female ruled field. Up until modern time, male nurses were practically unheard of and frowned upon. Even presently there is a stigma that comes with being a man who is a nurse. This paper was written with the intention of bringing attention to the minority that males are in the field of nursing and show that while career fields are becoming more gender neutral, there are still lasting stereotypes and prejudices.

In 1860, Florence Nightingale established modern nursing and ever since then, women have dominated the field. The role of the nurse is typically associated with feminine characteristics. These feminine qualities include being nurturing, caring, and gentle. Ever since practically the dawn of time, men have been characterized as tough, athletic, dominant beings. So when a man enters the field of nursing, he becomes the minority, meaning, he will account for less than half of the social majority. The lack of men in the field of nursing is referred to as occupational segregation by gender. A combination of lasting stereotypes and public beliefs that nursing has remained such a predominantly female career path. While it is great that women are educated and have access to a fulfilling job with a fairly high paygrade, the female dominance has caused men to struggle to receive the education they need and face

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