The Male Student Of Color

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The male student of color is one of many college and universities around the country most at risk population. Institutions around the country are looking for innovating ways to keep this population engaged and enrolled. In order to improve retention and success rates of the male of color, administrators at Cuyahoga Community College created the Minority Male Initiative to provide high quality student support services to this population. The Minority Male Initiative at Cuyahoga Community College was created in the summer of 2010 to improve graduation rates, retention and overall success of males of color. Through a national search for additional financing and through the involvement of the system’s board, this program has been viewed as one…show more content…
Recently, Dr. Terry Echols- Program Director and Founder was recognized by Noel-Levitz for his outstanding commitment and success in the creation of the Minority Male Initiative. More institutions around the country have started to implement similar programs that focus on the success and retention of males of color including the creation of the Federal Title III Predominantly Black Institutions Grant which is currently offered at many community colleges. Retention, Graduation Rates and Academic Success are focus areas that should be addressed and improved, and the Minority Male Initiative provides a great model to research.

Cuyahoga Community College opened in 1963 as the state of Ohio’s oldest and largest community college. For more than 50 years, Cuyahoga has provided students with access to “high quality, affordable education programs” and serves a population of more than 60,000 students. While Cuyahoga Community College has had success with the majority of students that have matriculated from the college, it noticed that a small yet detrimental portion of its population of African American and Latino male students failed to complete necessary requirements of obtaining a degree or certificate from the institution and needed to find a way to reach this
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