The Male Student Of Color

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The male student of color is one of many college and universities around the country most at risk population. Institutions around the country are looking for innovating ways to keep this population engaged and enrolled. In order to improve retention and success rates of the male of color, administrators at Cuyahoga Community College created the Minority Male Initiative to provide high quality student support services to this population. The Minority Male Initiative at Cuyahoga Community College was created in the summer of 2010 to improve graduation rates, retention and overall success of males of color. Through a national search for additional financing and through the involvement of the system’s board, this program has been viewed as one of the top programs for addressing issues many colleges face such as retention, graduation and student success. According to a report in Men of Color, “In 2009, Black men accounted for less than 4 percent of full–time undergraduates at public colleges and universities, but were 55 percent of football and basketball team members at public Division I institutions, the NC AA’s highest and most financially profitable competition level.” This disturbing information has called many college and university leaders to seek other ways to reach this population of students and to have them academically prepared.

In addition, Cuyahoga Community College has received national attention as one of the premier institutions that addresses this population…
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