The Malicious Playground Of Cyberbullying

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Elizabeth Velasquez
Professor Gibson
English 102
13 April 2015 The Malicious Playground of Cyberbullying Visualize sitting in front of a computer and checking your emails. In less than a couple of minutes being battered with horrible messages continuously. This is called cyberbullying; a type of bullying that takes place communicating electronically to subdue, blackmail, or agonize a person. A multitude of adolescents battle with this unbearable situation on a day by day basis and let it take place without doing something about it. The rapid advancement of technology has increased immensely allowing young people to roam around social sites, texting, and emailing with minimal restriction. The internet can be accessed anywhere, at
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Spending a lot of consuming time on the internet feeds cyberbullying. The purpose for social network sites was to improve communication and interaction with close friends and family members in long distance. In 2007, the Pew Internet and American Life Project organized a study that interviewed 935 teenagers and discovered that one out of three adolescents were bullied after using the internet (Shariff). A great amount of teens spend a lot of time daily on electronic devices allowing them to freely say whatever they want on social media networks, email accounts, and text messages. This allows bullies to feel powerful and in control (Fredrick 24). Cyberbullying is occurring very often that authorities have realized it’s no horseplay for teens and young adults. A multiplicity of states have already established laws for cyber space bullies. Some states that have laws regarding this type of bullying are Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, and Hawaii. Florida has inaugurated a law that bans any type of bullying in every public school or bus. Dorthy M. Bollinger, an attorney declares that in the state of Florida 's criminal statute, "a person who, wiling fully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses ... another person commits the offense aggravated stalking, a felony of the third
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