The Mall Of America By David Gueterson

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In “Enclosed. Encyclopedic. Endured: The Mall of America” David Gueterson spoke about the idea behind the creation of the Mall and his journey as a reporter inside it. For instance, he talked about how the mall not only intended to attract Minnesotan, but also to appeal to tourist from everywhere. Because of it enormous size and diverse activities, the mall is like the mecca of shoppers. He also mentioned that, Some people got engaged and some even got their marriage ceremony at the mall. After all he described the mall as a success, and the companies behind the mall are even thinking about building similar malls around the world. (161-72). Such marketing strategies stated above are embodied in many businesses today, with the intention not only to bring people in, but also to make them spend money and come back again.
In today 's lifestyle many people are obsessed with materials and spending. The convenient ways to get those spenders or materialist people, businesses usually choose to distinguish their business from others and get those consumers in. For example, in the Mall of America, it is clear that the builders tried to differentiate the mall from others, by making it bigger, close to an international airport and encompass diverse activities inside it, for the purpose of bringing more people in. Also, some feature of the mall is that, they made it with no windows or time clock, so people won 't notice or pay attention to how long they have been at the mall, which is a…

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