The Mall Of New Jersey

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This first time I remember walking through the mall in New Jersey I was a little girl holding my mother’s hand. This mall is a dismal place, with one level and one major department store on each end. The elongated brown brick walls made me feel like I am walking into a dungeon, into the land of the abyss. It was not a joyous place for a child to visit. On one occasion, my mother brought me an ice cream cone and with one lick it was on the floor. I never saw my mother so mad before; she picked up the ice cream and demanded I receive another one. Little did I know that this dark dreary space was going was my future place of employment. The mall was not a place I hung out at as a teenager, first, it was too far and second we had a downtown to shop. While I was away at school they remodeled the mall and expanded the space into a mega palace to include four levels of bright lights, white walls, shining floors, glass elevator and a skylight. The mall added a movie theater, bookstore, hair salons, restaurants, food court, computer stores, post office, and fitness center, just to name a few minor changes. I was speechless, walking around the same mall as I did as a child with amazing like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. The mall played two major points in my life, the time I spent with my mother as a child trying on clothes wishing we could afford to buy and my job working in cosmetics saleswoman in a major department store. As a consequence of the mall, local boutiques and mom
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