The Mall of America: Destroying Life Long Values with Materialism

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Through his piece “Enclosed. Encyclopedic. Endured: the Mall of America.” David Guterson shares his experience of the Mall of America as it opened and its effects of the American culture. From sharing statistics about the amount of jobs available, the number of parking spots, or how much cash is dispersed each week from just the ATMs; Guterson allows readers to feel the massive scale of the mall. He shares stories of the people he met and his own views on the mall, and what it says about America and its people’s values. Guterson makes it clear that Americans have become too absorbed with the thoughts of materialistic belongings; and a mall, such as the Mall of America, only makes those thoughts that much worse and destroys the people’s…show more content…
Krueger and Guterson are sharing the idea that people are becoming so involved in their shopping and the materialistic things that they are revering these items as form a “God”. They are forgetting the values that their parents had taught them all their life by making them go to Sunday school, and church every week; to them materialism is “GOD” they worship who have the best stuff. Still though many thought the trouble lied elsewhere, and with this people and companies around the world planned to build malls exceeding the Mall of America. All it is just a race to see who can have the most immense bizarre to satisfy the most people. As it all becomes more extreme, Americans, and the world in general, are losing all they believe in. It’s all becoming about who has the best stuff, or from the perspective of a teenage girl, who has the cutest clothes.
From its vast security systems, to the indoor theme park, and over 520 stores the mall is like a city within itself; closed off from the rest of the world. Guterson writes that the quality and impressiveness of the mall is not comparable to any other. The mall is “the best of the best” and people visit it because of its modernism. The modernism of the mall is displayed through features like an arcade, the gardens, trees and flowers. The argument of the essay is reasonable in the way people go to spend in the mall. It is true that people are sometimes

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