The Man After God 's Own Heart

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David was the last son of Jesse, ancestor to Jesus Christ and the second King of Israel. He was considered as a “Man after God’s own heart”. From a shepherd boy to a warrior, and from a warrior to a King, he lived his life the best he could for the Lord. Through the battles he fought, and the wars he was victorious in, he could’ve ended up in pride considering how great and mighty a King he was. In-spite of his successes in battle, he was known to be a man of humility. David wasn’t perfect; he sinned just like everyone else. Though King David had a record of killing and adultery, he displayed a repentant heart.
During the middle of his reign, King David committed adultery with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba. When David found out about Bathsheba’s pregnancy, he sent for the solider Uriah from the battle field with a command to visit his wife in hopes of covering his tracks. David did this twice. Uriah didn’t go the first time because he was getting the opportunity to do something that his fellow soldiers were not. He also didn’t go after he ate and drank with the King.
Why didn’t Uriah return to Bathsheba after the second command? Could it be because he never loved Bathsheba to begin with? Or because he found out what happened? However, in spite of what Uriah’s reasons were, David saw that he could not instruct this man to obey his order; King or not.
After Uriah’s decision, David made his decision that Uriah had to die. For this to come to pass, David sent word to his captain,
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