The Man Behind The 9 / 11 Attacks Essay

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The man behind the 9/11 Attacks who did not receive the same degree of attention of Osama bin Laden or his organization Al Qaeda is Khalid Sheik Mohamed. This man is known as the mastermind to some people. The paper’s objective is to compile and construct a detailed outline of Khalid’s life and draw a conclusion on motives for his attacking of the United States. This will help create a profile of behaviors and choices that will allow Counter-Terror to have information to look for in suspects. Thus, allowing the apprehension of new terrorists. The information that caused this paper to come into existence was reading the 9/11 Report A Graphic Adaptation, specifically in Chapter 5, Al Qaeda Aims at the American Homeland. The Original reaction stood out to me for the research paper when I learned about the planning that Khalid Sheik Mohamed did and his work with his nephew in the 1993 with the World Trade Center Bombing. Since Khalid Mohamed was a key player in the first mass attack on the United States from a foreign group since Pearl Harbor, I Believe we must understand all of Khalid’s interests so we can protect ourselves from others with the same ideals. This paper is organized from early life and schooling to planning of the 1993 World Trade Center attack, then to the 9/11 attacks planning and execution, and lastly closing with the location and on Khalid Sheik Mohamed’s current location. Khalid Sheik Mohamed was born march 1st 1964 in Balochistan, Pakistan. Khalid Mohamed
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