The Man Called Mandela and His Legacy

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One day,in the far and racialist country, a black man came and changed the country’s destiny. He was Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and he was born in 18th July 1918,in South Africa. He was the symbol of human rights and most popular prisoner after the Gandhi.His protests changed an age in the South Africa,but when we look at the background of this story; we see incredible simple,usual beginnig.He was born just like a black member of Thembu clan;and in this years, South Africa was a nightmare for black people because of racialism.Government supported differentiation towards to black people and Africans was having atrocity in their country.They didn’t have their lawyers,presidents or anybody for defencing their rights.All country was managing from white’s; all country againsted to them.And nobody thought that, a baby would change that. In the 1937, Nelson Mandela was a order person like others.He moved to Healdtown for his education in Fort Beaufort College.But,unlike from others he forcible transfered because of he attended to political cases.After that,he went to Witwaterstrand University and he graduated from law department in 1942.He was the first black lawyer in the country.This was a great stepping stone for black people’s rights; because in state of play government looked at them like chattel or wage earner.They couldn’t be lawyer,management,doctor or another education career.Therefore they couldn’t defence their rights against to government.But one person
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