The Man Called Peter Brook

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On March 21st, 1925, in London, England, a man named Peter Brook was born. He was the, “younger son of two Russian scientists who came to Britain in 1914 as refugees, and set up a successful pharmaceuticals company, whose bestselling product was a laxative called ‘Brooklax’. Peter’s older brother became a psychiatrist”, (Peter Brook).Ever since Brook was a little kid, he had a huge interest in film making. He went to school at Magdalen College of Oxford to read English and Modern Languages. “Brook’s first job after graduation was as a writer/director with the Crown Film Unit. Although theatre directing was his second career choice, he was soon employed and early classical productions at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre were followed by Shakespeare in London and Stratford, (Peter Brook).”
Mr. Brook is known for directing theatrical productions, but he didn’t start off doing live entertainment. His first completed project was a movie that he did as an undergraduate student at Magdalen College Oxford. “He made his first film on a budget of £250, using redundant sets and some fledgling actors from among his friends and classmates – an early indication of his confidence and his ability to attract casts and funding,(Peter Brook).” According to the New York Times, “Brook directed an amateur adaptation of Laurence Sterne's eighteenth-century novel A Sentimental Journey (1943).” From that moment on, little did he know that his career in the theatre world would take off.
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