The Man Made Pharmaceutical Medicine Of Today Will Always Come With Side Effects

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Nature’s Benefits The man-made pharmaceutical medicine of today will always come with side effects. Side effects include nausea from something so simple as aspirin or even fatigue and suicide thoughts that result from taking anti depressants, the sole purpose for taking such medicines. But there is another option that can potentially replace the use of pharmaceutical poison that may be causing more harm than good. There is so much potential in nature that the population, including doctors tends to overlook it as a potential replacement for these medications. Researchers have publicized that the very presence of nature in the simplest form of nature has a positive response in helping treat anxiety. Deb Anderson, an anthropologist claims in the scientific magazine article, the Nurture of Nature, that something so simple like a garden or even a picture of nature can take the place of anti-anxiety medication. So a student who would take anti anxiety meds every day before school may simply just bring a plant into their room and the presence of nature in the form of a single plant would help the student with getting through the daily grind of being a college student. Studies have also succeeded in presenting the idea of nature helping minimize the need for painkillers and also in making recovery times faster for surgery patients. A man named Roger Ulrich found that patients who had a view of trees from their rooms not only had a faster recovery time, but they also had taken
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