The Man Nobody Knows

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The Man Nobody Knows 7/17/01 The author of this book Bruce Barton was a partner in a successful advertising firm during the 1920's. This was a time when the industry of advertising was under going some major changes. These changes had a lot to do with a number of factors the first of which being the post war prosperity this meant people had more money than they ever had before. Another one of these factors had to do with the high number of teens who were now attending high school, this proved to be important because it created a whole other market which hadn't existed before. One more factor was the advances made in transportation and communication, these advances allowed goods, people, and information to travel long distances…show more content…
Still another thing I noticed was Barton's use of a parable. Barton could have just came right out and said, ‘I think Jesus had a lot of qualities a business man should have, and in this book I plan to point these qualities out,' but instead he tell us the story of how he came to write the book. The story manages to catch the reader's attention, and allows us to relate to his experiences in a way that simply telling us his intentions would not have done. This brings me to my next point in giving us something to relate to Barton has not only caught our attention but also demonstraight his sincerity by relating to us on a personal level. All of these characteristics would be Characteristics of a good ad in Barton's eyes. In the rest of this book Barton looks at Jesus the business man and not Jesus the sun of god. He did this by quoting parables from the Bible and using them as examples of Jesus' good business methods. He takes this comparison as far as to call the apostles adman selling faith. In conclusion Bruce Barton's book "The Man Nobody Knows" changed the face of advertising
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