The Man That Girl Over There Is Beautiful Essay

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"Man that girl over there is beautiful." So that 's what he 's been focusing on these past few minutes. I turn my back trying to get a look at whose he 's talking about, "which one? They 're all pretty fine." "The one whose smiling and laughing uncontrollably." I look at her, she is a nice sight to see. She has curly brown hair, caramel colored skin, and pearly-white teeth. "Yup, she 's cute alright," I say turning to look at Isaac, and I regret it immediately. He has this devious look on his face that tells me the wheels in his brain are turning...for once. "What is it man?" "Why do you always think I 'm up to something?" "Cause you always are!" "Okay maybe this time, but not always." "Well then what is it?" He nods his head towards those girls again, "get her number." "No." "Why not?" "We do this every time, and it never goes anywhere." "So, it 's fun to mess around." "You always do this Isaac." "Well maybe this one could be for you," he replied. "No." "They 'll leave, and you will regret this decision." He was right. She was an opportunity I shouldn 't miss. "Fine," I say. I 'm always falling into his little schemes. "Nathan knows what 's up now." I just listened to him talk, no need to listen to his nonsense. "What 're you waiting for?" Isaac asked, "they 're going to leave!" "I need encouragement." "You sound like you 're competing for a Grammy." "Isaac, encouragement, now!" "My dear, very best friend, who is tall, handsome, and funny, go get

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