The Man Under The Axe

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The executioner stood over the man--his axe raised over his head, ready to strike. The man under the axe was unmistakably too calm to be someone who was about to be executed. The man got in his slaying stance, and he was ready to strike when two arrows simultaneously flew through both of his eyes, splattering a dark crimson red liquid all over the calm man and the plaza, as well as sending the plaza into a state of utter panic, chaos, and general pandemonium, save for the man who still had his same cool, calm, and collected expression and seemed completely unfazed by the fact that two arrows had just shot through someone’s eyes and he just looked forward as if nothing had happened. He was dressed in fine clothing made of silk, which had been made dirty from him being dragged around by the men to where he was supposed to be executed. Immediately, forty riflemen looked around them to no avail. Seeing as someone stealthy that they couldn’t do anything about wanted the man alive, the soldiers decided to tell their commander that one of them found his body down by a riverbank surrounded by a dozen wolves. Having agreed upon this story, they left the scene and put the body in the riverbank. Once the soldiers had left, a shadowy figure with a cloak which was a color darker than death’s hand as it wraps itself around your skin, around your throat, completely nullifying any ability to breathe, completely annihilating any traces of your existence, came out from the wood’s brush. At

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