The Man Who Killed-Personal Narrative

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It was a cold night on May 16th. The air was crisp as winter leaves. I can remember the gunfire as if the bullet was just shot. The man that shot the bullet was filled with greed and power and was just a little over 6 feet tall; that was the man that killed my parents on that cold night. My sister and I were hiding in the closet and the only thing was the darkness that filled the room and the only sound was gunfire. We quietly jumped out the window and ran to the police station. when we got there it was 12 p.m.. The cop that we told the story to thought that we were just making up the entire story. So we left the city with a little food water and $100 that I saved. Two weeks of cold nights and hot days when we finally reach White city, Oregon. The town was filled with…show more content…
I gulped. We approved at a small old house that looked almost haunted. All windows broken up stairs. Doors all fracture with no knobs on them. I had no idea what I was getting into. When we went into the abandoned library we had to get use to the place. The only reason it closed is because someone died in . I wasn’t shere because i really don’t want to die. The only thing i am afraid of is me and my sister peggy dieing. After mom and dad died in front of me. We just ran as far as we could which i guess lead us here. The first day at my new school was strange. I didn’t know anyone. I went up the creaky staircase to my classroom. My teacher entered the room. The woman’s name was Mrs.son . She was a strange teacher. She almost looked possessed. Her eyes were huge and dark as blood. Her voice was low and mysterious. She gave us a unexplainable item. After class It was lunch. For lunch there was spaghetti I thought anyways. when I sat down to eat, the noodles were made out of bloodworms and southern alligator lizards. the meatballs were made out of beatles. The sauce was strange because it looked like blood but I wasn’t sure. So I decided to skip
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