The Man Who Stole A Package From Me

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It all started in 2287, in the Mojave Outpost, border of Nevada and California. There was 19 year old girl who stopped there often, the people were nice, full of caravaneers and NCR soldiers. She sat at the bar with her friend, Rose of Sharon 's Cassidy. Rose had a similar name to rose, her name was Rose of Nevada, which people get them both mixed up even though they don 't look the same, and they are very different. One day this man walked in, around 33, he sat down by Rose, he was in clunky armor, so she was dwarfing him. He leans over to her and says
"Hey, I 'm Nathan, why are you here in this stuffy room?" She sat there for a while then replying, "I 'm ... Looking for the man who stole a package from me. He attacked me, I woke up in a town south of here, the folk there said I got had some pretty bad injuries but I 'll be fine. . "
She sits there stirring her drink, Nathan pipes in again "I 'll help you find him, there 's no need to be shot in the head. Do you know why he shot you?" She quietly replied "I am a courier so I deliver things, yeah? So I was carrying a platinum chip, like a poker chip, and his goons grabbed me, and he started yelling about the package I had, it was all a blur. "
Nathan gets up, motioning her to get up too. Nathan asked the description of the man, all she said that he was wearing a suit. A pretty ugly suit. She described it further saying, it was checkered, black and white. He nodded, the started walking north, which was towards new
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