The Man Without A Face Character Analysis

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The Man Without a Face
The 1993 movie, "The Man Without a Face," is about a former teacher, Justin McLeod, turned painter who was involved in a fatal road accident that killed a male student who was traveling with him and severely scarred the right side of his body. After the crash and serving some prison time, McLeod moved to an Island off the coast of Maine where he leads an isolated life as a painter. The community avoids McLeod because the physical scars make him ugly and even scary. Additionally, the town spreads many wrong rumors of him and call him names except for one boy, Chuck Nordstadt. He gravely needs McLeod’s help to pass his admission exams to a military school. At the start of their encounters, McLeod avoids Chuck because he fears a repeat of the painful past that involved the death of his student. However, Chuck insistence and persistence to make McLeod his tutor softens McLeod's stance, and he embraces the idea of tutoring him. Soon, the private tutoring sessions become public when Chuck skips home one night and is found at McLeod's house the next morning. Later, McLeod is forced to leave the island to avoid trouble with this community who have always misunderstood him (Gibson, 1993). Below is an analysis of the film.
The film has several characters, such as McLeod, Chuck (son), Chuck (father), Catherine (Chuck’s mother), Gloria (Chuck’s sister), Megan (Chuck’s sister), Chief Wayne Stark, Prof. Hartley, and many more (Gibson, 1993). Of these characters,
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