The Man that Was Muhammad Ali Essay

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Eleanor Roosevelt once quoted “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Most people look at those kinds of quotes and similar to me, laugh at it because we realize that following your dream will lead you to a high percentage of failure in life. Famous people and programs such as Disney channel, tell us to follow our dreams and never quit. Most of the time, we refuse to listen by switching the channel or just turning off the TV. Although, Muhammad Ali was different. He challenged himself. He didn’t switch the channel or refused to hear it. Instead, he didn’t give up his dream that later on rewarded him with becoming the best boxer in the world. Unlike us, he had huge objects blocking his path in the time he…show more content…
As a result, young men were being drafted to go and serve in the military. When Ali was noticed for his fighting, political figures decided to draft him due to his useful fighting skills. Although, Ali rejected. He rejected because he had just won his heavyweight boxing title and because he did not want to go to war to kill people. Because of this decision, Ali’s heavyweight boxing title was taken away and he was put in a five-year prison sentence. Coming out of prison was hard for Ali. Because of his racial color, he would get rejected from places such as restaurants. A lot of people turned him down and he wasn’t allowed to fight back in the ring. But, Ali didn’t give up and soon found an opportunity that brought him to become the first person in history, to win the heavyweight champion title three times. Muhammad Ali was not only the first person in history to win the heavyweight champion title three times, but he was also a person who never gave up his dream. We quit our dream jobs because there are such obstacles in our path such as expenses, lack of education, or simply because of laziness and complicatedness but not Muhammad Ali. In fact, he faced much bigger problems than us such as segregation and going to jail however he did not quit. He fought through it in order to become the best boxer in the world. He never gave up his dream in order to achieve in something he wanted to fulfill. Muhammad Ali never gave

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