The Management Alarm Is Important For Understand Depending On The Method Type Chosen

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Budget and Management

The management ALARM is also critically important to understand depending on the method type chosen (1, 2, or 3). The labor and thus budget will vary considerably as well as the amount of area being covered.

Starting with Method 1, the labor cost is the easiest to manage but is also the most expensive per aircraft to manage since the ratio of man to machine will be one-to-one. However, since only simple UAVs are most likely to be used in Method 1, the fixed cost – the upfront cost of the aircraft – is relatively cheap in comparison to the more expensive options since only close range multirotors or fixed wing aircraft are advised to be used. However, as always, if more expensive and sophisticated UAVs are desired to be used by your precinct, then you do of course have that option. The fact is though, if more expensive UAVs are used, then there is no reason not to continue to Method 2. This is explained further below and in Figure 5 and Table IV.

Where Method 1 has the main drawback of having a high variable cost as the number of UAVs increases, Method 2 has the opposite difficulty. The variable cost, if run properly, is quite low for Method 2 but the fixed costs are most likely much more depending on the types of UAVs utilized. Although most of the UAVs used for Method 1 can also be used for Method 2, UAVs that are more sophisticated are more advisable to be used.

These two methods can be broken down into more detail by using Table II. A few…
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