The Management And Human Resource Department

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As per the request of the strategic management team, this report will summarize my findings between the two management styles which are traditional and contemporary. This analysis will show how these two management styles will change the way we control our marketing, operations and human resource department. Our goal at Melted Makeup and Spa is to maintain a steady growth in sales while reducing our costs. I recommend implementing some of these new management models to our current departments because that is the way we will be able to grow Melted Makeup and Spa to its full potential. Marketing Department A contemporary method of marketing that can be effectively utilized to benefit us is social media. This will be vital in the…show more content…
However, the difference is the sole focus of these two sites are the sharing of pictures. This will prove to be extremely valuable as it is the perfect place to encourage our clients to take pictures of the beauty services they have received and they can share them with others. YouTube is unique for that it will allow us to demonstrate our work in video form and engage a large amount of viewers. LinkedIn is the ideal place for our franchise to be able to connect with other professionals. The use of social media is definitely one of the most effective ways that businesses advertise themselves. With all of the strong advantages social media offers for advertising and marketing, it’s easy to forget that there are some negatives that exists with the use of it. Putting a business online allows customers to have the ability of being able to share their criticisms in a public way that could have the possibility of deterring potential clients. This is how the online sharing community can also greatly harm a business. The extent a business can go to, to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency with their services will sometimes be disregarded. This is because unsatisfied customers will always be present, and they will make their presence known. This is how the online sharing community has the ability to severely harm a business. The length a business can go to ensure customer satisfaction by being efficient with their services will sometimes
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