The Management Of A Patient With Compulsive Sexual Behavior

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The management of a patient with compulsive sexual behavior requires an understanding of the complete profile of the sexually compulsive or addicted patient. This treatment plan will summarize the patients characteristics as revealed by Bill’s case (page 31 from Clinical Management of Sexual Addiction by Carnes and Adams) and their implications for treatment. Section I: DSM-V Diagnosis (Dx) With the help of greater awareness of sexual exploitation and sexual misconducts more cases of sexual compulsivity are brought into the attention of physicians. Therefore, the physician must have a proper understanding of addictive and compulsive problematic sex in order to make appropriate management decisions and in order to evaluate clinical approaches. Diagnosis Based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V (DSM-V), the Dx option that best fits the case study is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is because the patient has a history of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse as stated in the case study (Helsel, 2008). Medical considerations If sexual compulsion is present, the problem will not disappear without a specific therapy targeted to address the issue. A wide range of such behaviors can be problematic, including extramarital affairs, compulsive masturbation, use of prostitutes, and the use of strippers. In Bill’s case, he justifies his behavior as he feels he rescues these strippers (who work at his strip clubs) as codependent, but Bill is also addicted

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