The Management Of Coarse Fisheries Of Lakes And Rivers Within The Uk

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Introduction: The aim of this literature review is to determine why set of structured points or methodology for the management of coarse fisheries of lakes and rivers within the UK, is the best way forward to achieve a good ecological status of surface water bodies in the UK. The following critical literature review will attempt to explain why achieving a good ecological status is necessary, what it is and why being applied to fisheries with UK is the most practical approach, the themes examined will be: 1. Fisheries within the UK and their significance 2. Good ecological status as per legislation requirements and for socio-economic and cultural benefits. 3. Mitigation measures. Information included within this critical review has…show more content…
Other uses involve fisheries for harvesting of fish, such as salmon farms. In 1994 there were an estimated 0.8 million game anglers and 2.3 million coarse anglers. (Peirson, Tingley, Spurgeon, Radford, 2001, p.416). Annual expenditure on all items related to angling/fishing involved the purchasing of rod licences from the Environment Agency, tackle, bait, and permits on private lakes as well as travel by anglers, in 1994, the total was estimated to be approximately £3 Billion (Moon and Souter, 1994). By 2005 approximately thirty million days were fished by anglers on UK fisheries which was substantially more than the year 2000 (Mawle, Peirson, 2009, p.44.) This increase in angling activity increases competition between fisheries to ensure that the best quality stocks of fish are available for anglers. It is estimated by (Girdler, Wellby, Welcomme, 2010, p.3) that approximately 90% of the still water bodies in the UK may be privately owned and marketed or operated as fisheries. Whilst running as a privately owned fishery this could mean the fishery ends up removed from the direct influence of significant regulating bodies such as conservation, freshwater scientists and regulators like the Environment Agency, thus emphasising the role that fishery managers must independently regulate the aquatic environment of their freshwater body. One of the main reasons as to why it is so significant to

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