The Management Of Global Enterprise Essay

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Introduction With the development of the economy, there are some businessmen who choose a great opportunity that invest a business in the local place or some developing countries. However, an attractive business and place is an important part for all investors. This paper will introduce the management of global enterprise that telling entrepreneurs how they should start a business in the foreign. And then, this paper also would like to talk about our company which is the agent of Kiehl’s since 1851, Inc in the Vietnam. It called Kiehl-V. Kiehl’s company was founded in 1851. Its headquarters located in New York. Kiehl’s has just begun, it just a pharmacy that provide potions and some natural ingredients of ointment to New York’s customer. Early stage, they develop their business by selling tea, honey and herbs and other natural products. After this, Kiehl’s developed some new care products about skin, hair, and body. And, these care products are popular among New York customers. Until 2001years ago, Morse family’s Keihl’s company never to extend their business to another place or regions. Upon a time, this unique product (kiehl’s) gradually become a new love in fashion temple, even it also received extensive & high praises from media coverage. In 2001, Kiehl’s become a member of the LOREAL group, and we can buy Kiehl’s products in 15 countries of the world. Also, the government set on November 12 for Kiehl’s Day. Products & Service Our company is an agency of Kiehl’s that

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