The Management Of Islamic State Under The Caliphate Rules And Dogma

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The ISIL strategy is worldwide operations with network of different objectives. The ISIL end state in “golden ring” is the establishment of Islamic State under the Caliphate rules and dogma. The key objectives are to be able to control and defense the territory, with possibility to influence, recruit and indoctrinate the young Muslim foreign fighters from the “golden ring”. In same time to marginalized the “silver ring” and challenge the security and stability in the region around Syria, Iraq and North Africa. Finally, to spread the fear and terror worldwide in the bronze ring, with primary focus in Europe, US and South Asia. The effort and Interlink between the objectives are key in their strategy with purpose to destabilize the world order and challenges the democratic values as political system with religion Caliphate dogma.
A. First Strategy Options will remain the key objectives that primary focus in the “golden ring”. The strategy Ends are to; (1) destroy the ISIL, (2) stable democratic Iraqi Government, (3) peace agreement over Syrian civil war, (4) operate under large NATO coalition, and (5) built professional Iraqi Security Forces to deal with internal threats.
Ways; Increase the airstrikes bombing with prices targeting on ISIL human and logistical capacity and capability. Establishing the Combine Task Forces (be prepared) no more than Battalion size (Civilian Led, Intel, military expertise and NGO for humanitarian Support) with purpose to support the countries in

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