The Management Of Nurses Inu.s Hospitals

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I. Introduction In regards to Health Care Organizations, I focused on the western medical culture, more specifically the management of nurses in U.S hospitals. I have sustained a passion about nursing for the majority of my life and as years have passed, I always thought that nurses had sole responsibility for their workload and the success of their medical unit. After close research, it has come to my attention that managers have a significant influence on the quality of service that a nurse provides during a work shift and the success of their organization. Nurses are required to be personable and compassionate while balancing exhaustion from a 12-hour work shift and taking on a workload equivalent to what 4 are needed to accomplish the task. Without nurses, the entirety of health care services would be delayed, unorganized, ineffective, and at a complete disadvantage. However, it is in the manager’s best interest to show appreciation for a nurse’s dedication, hard work, and respect of person in order to stabilize the morale of the work environment and support high quality service for patients. The contribution of nursing in the medical world is unyielding, but there is still much improvement needed in the quality of service a nurse provides for patients. The content of this research paper discusses just some of the strengths and weaknesses that are foreseen under the management of nurses within a hospital setting and how they relate to any rise or fall of quality…
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