The Management Of Talent Management

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Our staffing company has lost several placements to competitors recently. This situation raises the need for a system for proper management of Talent in our company.
This document looks at various vendor solutions available in the market and does a feature analysis of the salient features of each of them.
Vendor 1: Halogen Software
Description: According to their website: Halogen TalentSpace is a cloud-based, comprehensive suite of talent management solutions. The suite includes applications for learning management, performance management, recruitment and job description management, 360-degree feedback, succession planning and compensation management. They also offer industry-specific solutions
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Halogen Talent Acquisition:
• Configurable workflow engine to define own recruitment process
• Minimize delays to hire by automatically notifying hiring managers or approvers of pending actions
• Create customized requisition template to support existing process or automatically generate a competency-based job requisition from an existing, up-to-date job description
• Automate requisition review and approval process
• Maintain record of all activity performed on requisition through Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
• Publish job listings directly from Halogen Talent Acquisition to your career page
• Track candidate referrals
• Dashboard to monitor status of job requisitions, candidates, interviews and hiring manager tasks
• Source candidates internally using keywords or specific criteria

Halogen Job description Builder:
• Track and manage job descriptions from central location
• Comes with a easily modifiable, set of detailed job description samples created by industry experts
• Make job descriptions accessible to entire organization through Job Description repository
Halogen Learning:
• Schedule and track all types of learning activities including: classroom, seminars and webinars
• Create development programs for various roles
• View consolidated, detailed information on
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