The Management Of The Clinic Manager

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The clinic manager’s role in this process change will be to educate the staff on the importance of this change and why this change needs to happen. The manager will also be responsible for monitoring staff engagement and if the patients are receiving this education. The manager is the one who has the power to get this project off the ground. The manager’s interest in the change is to increase the clinics patient satisfaction and to ensure that the patients receive the education. The manager will be the person responsible for maintaining the information on the Internet with the clinic-specific information. The nursing staff will have the most important role in this process change. The nurses are the ones who see the patients first. The nurses will need to be on board and understand that this process change will help us give our patients the knowledge they need as well as increasing their satisfaction. Each nurse will be responsible for maintaining the educational materials while making sure the information is accessible to our patients. An important part of this process change is to make sure the staff is on board, and the patients are receiving the information. The nurses will be able to influence and hold each other accountable for this process change. The nursing staff has the best interest of the patients and wants to provide the best care they can. The nurses have the power to either bring this project along or they can hinder this project if they are not engaged. The
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