The Management Of The Middle Management

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Ability Network’s upper management team has fostered an environment in which ineffective management thrives. In particular, this company struggles to successfully utilize its middle management and establish good working relationships between middle management and the employees they supervise. Twin Cities Business spoke of the importance of middle management in helping companies reach their goals, “Middle managers play pivotal roles. They lead front-line employees charged with performing important work that can help their companies reach their overarching goals (Fedor, 2014).” Employees at Ability Network do not understand the importance of middle management because of the poor job that has been done by this company to equip middle…show more content…
Management should be sharing information, problems, and feedback upward to top management and downward in their groups (Griffin & Moorhead, 2008). This position comes with a considerable amount of responsibility as they strive to satisfy both groups. Ability Network management have been unsuccessful in their attempts to balance both groups.
The following reviews express the opinions of lower level employees in regards to the decision-making power, organizational structure, and responsibilities of middle management at Ability Network. A former employee at Ability Network had this to say about the responsibilities of middle management, “Middle management serves as the middle man for communication between upper management and direct supervisors. They only serve to delay communications and they don’t have the technical ability nor leadership ability to be effective (ABILITY Support Department: Titanic in 2015, 2015).” Another employee also voiced their opinion about middle management saying, “Too much middle management and not in the cliché way that you usually hear it: there is literally too much management. There should not be six layers of management between a technician and the person in charge of their department. Good, constructive ideas are lost in the flow up the chain and needs remain unanswered and unmet as a result (Incompetence Breeds Stupidity, Creates Hell, 2015).”
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