The Management Of The Ritz Carlton

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• Summarize the relevant background information from the case.
The case study presented to us is the quality within The Ritz-Carlton, which many label a premier hotel. Therefore, many world-class guests frequent this establish on a daily basis. Consequently, the necessity for the daily management of operations is an elemental in the continued growth of this facility. Moreover, the managements actions of The Ritz-Carlton were awarded the notoriety of the first Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award in history (Heizer & Render, 2014).

The guests of The Ritz Carlton as stated are not directly purchasing a tangible product, rather a service experience. Through this experience The Ritz Carlton may add to the company’s future worth. This consumers experience may obviously be “more valuable” than any other tangible asset. The Ritz Carlton realized how important this was, therefore, a team was assembled to research many of their day to day processes (Heizer & Render, 2014). Through their appraisal of methods, any issues were distinguished and addressed with achievable pathways to pursue in order to positively change these actions. The process is necessary in order to improve the customers experience. Again, benchmarks are necessary in order to track the progression towards a positive end result.

• Identify the business problem or challenge that the organization faces.

The challenge to The Ritz Carlton is the ability to strategically market themselves to customers. The
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