The Management Practices Of Elizabeth Arden Inc.

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Introduction / History / Company Background The company was established in 1910 by Elizabeth Arden, famous for introducing eye make-up in the US (About Elizabeth Arden, 2016). Elizabeth Arden’s global headquarters are located in Florida, New York and Stamford (Elizabeth Arden Inc., 2015). Geneva in Switzerland was chosen for the international managerial center (Elizabeth Arden Inc., 2015). There are 18 more countries with Elizabeth Arden’s offices distributed around the world (Elizabeth Arden Inc., 2015). In 2015, the number of full-time workers has reached 2,000 while part-time staff included 550 people in the US and 19 other countries (Elizabeth Arden Inc., 2015). E. Scott Beattie is the current CEO of Elizabeth…show more content…
Elizabeth Arden has rights to sell celebrity fragrances and also operates Red Door Spa (Elizabeth Arden Inc., 2015) Miss Elizabeth Arden was the first to introduce eye make up to women in America and her company was the first to develop travel-size beauty products (Elizabeth Arden Skin Care, Make Up, & Perfume, 2016). According to 2015 annual report, Elizabeth Arden applies marketing as their primary competitive strategy. Elizabeth Arden advertises their product on television, magazines, mobile and digital applications and social network (Elizabeth Arden Inc., 2015). Elizabeth Arden Inc. has a feature of flexible governance whereby the board is assisted by the committee in directing the company (Elizabeth Arden Inc., 2015). With minimal organizational layers the company ensures that there is a lot more cross-functionality and horizontal communication which intern reduces bureaucracy whilst encouraging associates in the organization to develop skills across many functions. In our opinion, we believe that Elizabeth Arden Inc. has a business to consumer business model as oppose to a business to business model. The company attributes its success to paying keen attention to what their customers are interested in and uses that information to stay relevant worldwide (Elizabeth Arden Inc., 2015). The most famous collaborations
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