The Management Skills Development Assignment

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It is evident that the Management Skills Development Assignment was the pinnacle of MGMT1000 course. It has allowed me to asses my strengths and weakness and provided me with opportunities to reflect upon personal experiences in which I endeavoured to improve my emotional intelligence. I am incredibly thankful to Dr. Jean Adams for providing me with a new form of education tailored to my own self-interests. I believe I have transformed into a better rounded individual thank to the various opportunities that were dawned upon me throughout this term. Lastly, I would like to thank my TA, PJ Esfandiari, for being such a comical and, yet, intelligent figure. I actually show up to your class, which means a lot, trust me. Thanks for everything …show more content…
It is common that they do not recognize this. Therefore, it is important that these individuals recognize their state of emotional intelligence as poor EI may be detrimental to their performance.
What are the critical issues to which you need to give attention?
Under constant pressure, the critical issue of being unaware of one’s loss in emotional intelligence must be brought into attention. Every individual in this environment has the opportunity to be thrown into a vicious cycle if they do not immediately gauge their emotional intelligence.
What personal strengths and limitations do you bring to the situation and how can you personally make a difference?
As a natural communicator, I can make a positive difference by communicating to others and attempting to point out their blind spots in emotional intelligence. In addition, being skillful in communication, I will know when it is best to intervene and where it is best to do this as well. I believe that I have the capability in create positive change in a workplace that has low EI.

What aspects of others ' emotional intelligence are likely to be important and how can you impact them in a positive way?
In this situation, others’ emotional intelligence are likely to be charged. This is again, due to the immense pressure given by the nature of the work. Without changing this important aspect of their emotional intelligence, their
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