The Management Styles Of Chief Davis And Chief Fortier

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In comparing the management styles of Chief Davis and Chief Fortier, one could argue that Chief Davis approached the management of his department as a statesman, whereas Chief Fortier managed as an administrator. Citing Chief Davis’ clear vision for his department and effective management style (Cordner, 2014), Davis, unlike Fortier in the delegation of authority and duties placed qualified individuals in positions to assure duties /issues were handled. Whereas, Fortier’s general implementation of departmental change was forced upon the officers and no assurance of competency or training was given. Additionally, as Fortier reached outside of the department in attempts to reach recommended goals, the Administrative style becomes obvious as the need to reach a goal is met by the most effective means, as evidenced in the promotions and outside hiring practices introduced.
Likewise as officers and the community alike were accepting and receptive to Davis and the managerial style he presented, Fortier’s tenure with the department was less than stellar, receiving a vote of no confidence by those he managed, and betrayal from the supervising staff.

The internal roles exhibited in the management of each department included leading or leadership by Chief Davis. While both provided varying measures of management to their departments, the level of management Fortier provided was not geared towards creating or guiding, but rather the inputs such as equipment, reports, arrests……
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