The Management System Of An Organization

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Introduction In recent years, a lot of organizations have emphasized more on efficiency and effectiveness due to higher rate of competition in the industry. This shift in focus is meant to allow organization to deliver the best in class product and service by improving the key performance metrics (Institute for Operation Excellence, 2012). Operation excellence focuses on the entire area of an organization. The area of focus can be broken down into 3, behavior, management system, and process. For any change to be sustainable, the people’s behavior has to be such that can support it. People’s behavior and mindset has to change, everybody has to contribute regardless of what level of organization. The management system piece is also a key because of the impact of management support that is needed to promote operation excellence within an organization. Process is where it directly impacts the product. It has to be improved to meet a best in class standard, either by line balancing, implementing a lean flow, or by other form of improvement (Duggan, 2011). Every employee involved should be able to see the value flow from the organization to the customer and vice versa. Some industries struggle in their implementation of operation excellence. For a successful implementation, there has to be a right definition, one that every employee at every level of the organization understand what it means and how their role impacts it. As much as operation excellence shows a lot of positive
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